XFLEX Tablet and iPad Stand

We have covered plenty of awesome iPad stands here in the past. The XFLEX tablet happens to be one of the better ones we have seen. This is a versatile tablet stand that is compatible with your iPad, Kindle, and other tablets. You can use this to surf the web, run your podcast, and do other activities. The XFLEX stand gives you a lot of control and is portable.


The XFLEX tablet has a handsfree design and works with most tablets and smartphones. It has multiple magnetic connection points. The arm is flexible and offers angles for video conferencing and other activities. The stand is portable and TSA approved. You can use this in bed, your car, and anywhere in between.


The XFLEX is currently being funded through Kickstarter. You can pick one up for as low as $75 (early bird promotion) at this point. This stand seems to have a lot of potential on paper. Are you impressed?

[Product Page]


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